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Sunday, October 20th, 2002
2:09 pm - Aiight...
Yeah i jus wanted to see if thoes pics would work...i guess they did..but yeah...the bottom one is alrite i dont like it dat much makes me look kinda fake..that was when i had brown hair lol but newayz...umm

last weekend i had kinda fun..i got drunk let anisha drive and all that...but newayz. i got pulled over too for not stopping at the stop sign and cutting off the police i didnt get a ticket tho...i had alcohol in the car too.it was kinda scary...but newayz

i dont remember what i did saturday...i think we jus went out forgot...

this weekend was kinda fun..kinda boring..friday me nisha trenisha and juanita got high...it was wierd..me and trenisha was all talkin she prolly thinks im crazy as hell..it was fun for a while tho then anisha kept wanting to smoke more delpha was chillin wit us for a while and nisha and TJ hooked up they was all in the back seat and shyt dummies lol...and then yesterday i was chillin with justin, burrell, and tony and all them marsahe stephan, david and trenisha ..i couldnt find ne of my good friends so i jus chilled with thema nd jaquire and jennica was there too...burrell and justin was all tryna hook me and tony up they aer dumb as hell..haha it was funny but yeah tas about it for now so peace i cant even type right lol. EI

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1:54 pm - test

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Tuesday, October 15th, 2002
8:17 pm - need some advice
Aiight well its about boyz...lol here it goez...if u read one of my last enteries you would know dat I said i liekd this guy named Riley but i didnt want to like him...i was kinda feelin him..well i guess alot of flirting got him to really like me...while i stopped liking him the more he likes me...but anywayz yah this other guy..stephen..hes a cutie hes not like fine or hot or nothin hes jus a cutie..hes really sweet (or so i thought lol) and all that ..hes jus a cutie like i said lol but yeah, im kinda feelin him..hes someone i could get into a relationship with but i cant see myself gettin with riley and i really dont wanna...i dunno..anyway riley and stephen are best friends (big mistake) i guess riley was sayin somthin like if he likes a girl but the girl likes his friend he'll back out to let his friend do what he wants..feel me? thats like kinda good but i know hes gonna be all sad and stuff and i felt that i already lead him on..i dont know stephen that well but i wanna get to know him i jus dont know how we talk to eachother like fuckin round i call him peaches (inside joke) and stuff like dat but yah..we dont really TALK..he seems tyte tho..and his friends i dont really like..burrell somethin hes an ass..i know he got shyt to say...but i dunno i aint really trippin on dat..what i wanna know is if i should holla at stphen or not? hes younger than me too but hes alot more mature than alot of people his age (hes only like a yr younger if that)..but yah..i dunno what to do....

current mood: confused

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Thursday, October 10th, 2002
3:54 pm - jus a survey hehe
I got this from Kylie =] much luv girl:

Have you ever ...
{x} Fallen for your best friend? Yeah loong time ago
{x} Made out with JUST a friend? yeah
{x} Been rejected? Yeah i think once i dont usually ask people out
{x} Been in love? yea :(
{x} Been in lust? 4sho
{x} Used someone? kinda/sorta thought i liekd him lol
{x} Been used? probally lol
{x} Cheated on someone? um, i guess u can say dat
{x} Been cheated on? i dunno yeah prolly
{x} Done something you regret? YES!!

Have you/are you/do you....
{x} Considered a life of crime? yeauh lol
{x} Considered being a hooker? naw
{x} Are you psycho? naw lol i jus like to have fun
{x} Split personalities? naw
{x} Schizophrenic? no
{x} Obsessive? sometimes
{x} Obsessive compulsive? naw i dont think
{x} Panic? um no not really
{x} Anxiety? no
{x} Depressed? all da time
{x} Suicidal? i have
{x} Obsessed with hate? lol..umm...yeah haha jp soemtimes
{x} Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? i dream of hurtin someone til they bleed lol jus playin, naw
{x} Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? yeah thats where i shoulda said it lol
{x} Understanding: yeauh
{x} Open-minded: not really
{x} Arrogant: naw
{x} Insecure: sometimes
{x} Interesting: some say dat
{x} Hungry: hell yeauh lol
{x} Friendly: yeah if ur nice to me im hella nice
{x} Smart: yeauh hehehe
{x} Moody: sometimes
{x} Childish: only when i fool round
{x} Independent: yeah
{x} Hard working: not really
{x} Organized: yeauh
{x} Healthy: naw
{x} Emotionally Stable: yeah kinda
{x} Shy: very
{x} Difficult: sometimes
{x} Attractive: naw i dont think so
{x} Bored Easily: hell yeauh
{x} Thirsty: yea
{x} Responsible: mos the time
{x} Sad: not as much but yeah kinda
{x} Happy: yeah
{x} Trusting: very
{x} Talkative: around my friends i HELLA talk so yeah
{x} Original: kinda
{x} Different: kinda
{x} Unique: not really
{x} Lonely: sometimes but that can change
{x} Color your hair? i died it brown then black now its really black (black is my real hair color)
{x} Have tattoos? nope
{x} Piercings? i have 3 on both sides and one in the cartlege in the left ear and i have my nose pierced
{x} Floss daily? sometimes
{x} Own a webcam? yeauh
{x} Ever get off the damn computer? nope lol yeah when im doing something else
{x} Sprechen sie deutsche? lol um ok
{x} Habla espanol? kinda

current mood: chillin

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Tuesday, October 8th, 2002
3:28 pm - confused thoughts...
Yeauh so things are kinda cool right now, talkin to more people jus having fun. Me and Juantia kicked it last night...i kinda had fun even though we didnt do nothing..we was talkin on da phone with Riley til like 12 sumptin...and steve was on tehre a little bit but i had to go take a shower haha...they some funny peeps...I neva used to talk to riley but bud gave me his name on the computer and so i talked to him and like dat day we was talkin bout alot of stuff i neva usually talk to people from here about anything important...i guess cuz we never talked before...kinda did tho, hes cool....i kinda think i like him a little i dunno tho, its like i dont wanna like him hes really nice tho, but i think he might like me im not sure tho cuz he keeps hinting shyt around and stuff but im confuzed bout it...i dont know tho, like lately i found my self looking for him at school and all that i dont really wanna be doing that tho, if we are friends its gonna be tyte...i dunno im so confused lol...i guess he like juanita too but shes crazy she likes him but now he doesnt wanna go out with her cuz she likes stephen too and steve is jus crazy lol...man these kids lol..and fuckin david always lookin at me and shyt, he needs to jus be focused on his girl and stop tryna fuck with everyone else, i dunno how his looks are, i dunno if he checkin me out or he jus bein a bitch..he always trys to touch me tho, i dont wanna be a bitch to him but he gets annoying and shyt...i dunno tho i aint gonna even start trippin bout him thas what he likes he likes to have drama/cause drama...dumbass lol...ANYWAYZ tho..thas bout it for now...i'll prolly talk to riley tonite and all that...k peace out! EI

current mood: curious

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Saturday, September 28th, 2002
10:22 pm - Havent said nothin...
..in a long time so i figued i'd write a lil sumptin sumptin. I dont know what to write tho, usually after things happen i wanna write bout it in here but i get lazy, its not even somethin to be lazy bout haha but yeah i always forget to write bout it so now i have nothing to say when i thought i did. Yesterday was homcoming, the dance was gay as hell..we lost the football game and the seniors won against us juniors..it was kinda a shitty homecomming but i kinda had fun..im just hella sore from playin football..it sucks i can hardly move but its all good..feels kinda good to know im gonna be in shape (if i keep myself up). Anyway im still sick umm been sick for like a week but i think im gettin better...

I dunno, i feel kinda depressed but i dont know what about...hmm...its confuzing...shyt i dont even know..i think im stressin bout school to much..i feel like i got so much to do..i dont even know what it iz...i needa get my shyt together...i dont think im trippin bout guys at all anymroe cuz there is nobody to be trippin bout..umm..yeah..dont knwo what else to say..im out peace!

current mood: blah

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Thursday, August 15th, 2002
5:52 pm - fuck this
I fuckin hate this shit..the only person im thinkin bout is Larissa...she is the only one that understands the shyt that my life consits of...i wanna talk to her..cry to her but i know i cant...i hate my mom i fuckin hate her...noone udnerstands they jus say "shes your mom u know u dont hate her blah blah" FUCK THAT i hate hawthorne i wanna get the fuck out of here...i cant stop crying...the more time i spend with her the sadder i get i wanna get out of here..when im gone from here its so fun and im happy...(talkin bout my mom) man...fuck this..i dont play when i say i dont like her...she puts me thru all this shit and im not even bad i dont do anything wrong...i dont know what the fuck she thinks of me or what the fuck i do..i dont do ANYTHING bad..i mean nothing that gives her a reason to be a bitch..i go crusing..IN HAWTHORNE and she fuckin has a cow..FUCK THIS omg....im gone

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4:03 pm - dont play wit eggs
Aiight so the other day we got in a EGG FIGHT..it was crazy we jus started thorwin water baloons at tana and them none hit em but yeah..it was funny then when we drove back they threw an egg at us...and it started into a huge egg fight then stephanie throws water at us for no reason marshae got PISSED she got out the car and looked like she was gonna kick her ass..she had me scared so i went to go get her and i was dumb and left the car unlocked and toby opened it and threw like 50 eggs in teh car..cuz i hit him at safeway and got it on his cd player haha hes a bitch thats what he gets tho..shyt..fuck him...its kinda gone.not really but mostly...my mom was cleanin it..i had a condom in there lol (i aint fuckin nobody but larissa had a bunch and jus gave it to me jus cuz) haha..she didnt find it tho good thing..anyways..

Everyone left me..Larissa is in sacramento...Marshae, Nisha, Juanita, Tranisha and all them went to camp for a few dayz...i gotta goto reno soon to go shopping..i think anisha is gonna come with me i dunno yet..marshae is gonna be there already...school starts on the 28th..i think its gonna be fun this year we gon be jouniors haha...i dunno it might be tyte...

i cant wait til Darell comes back he said he comin back on Thanksgiving...and christmas i think..i dunno if we gonna kick it tho..maybe...i been thinkin and all..i dunno i like him alot i dunno why maybe i'll get over it by the time he comes back..i mean i dont wanna be his girl or ntohin because then there is too much drama..if he asked me to be his girl i would say yeah but other than that i dont think he would..i was thinkin that umm i dont wann say it but u know hook up wit him..haha..i dunno tho..we'll see i guess...at the time id prolly be scared or something who knows i dont...but yeah anyway i dont know what else to write...umm Jay iz back i dunno if the cops are still lookin fo rhim but he was all on main street yesterday..hes dumb..i think he's Jills piece now..thas sick hes been with EVERYONE forreals...a while ago joe and them was talkin bout he even fucked his cousin and shyt he hella nsty i wouldnt fuck him at all cuz i know he hella dirty anyway im out EI

current mood: hopeful

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Wednesday, August 14th, 2002
3:29 pm - interesting...

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Sunday, August 11th, 2002
12:05 am - Today...
Yeah today was BORING..well it was aiight for a while..me and marshae and larissa was watchin scary movie 2 and then we went to this lil kids party to pick up Juanita..it ended up bein a water fight we went hella crazy i got this jug of water to pour on Temar and it backfired they got it all over me it was crazy i was soakin wet..temar is a bad ass kid he all like "i got somethin else that can get u wet" haha he only in the 7th grade but damn he is such a cutie..if i was younger i would hella date him lol forreal...such a cutie...anywayz...NOBODY was out well hardly anybody toward the end of the night there were no cars out or nothin...people were walkin..tana and calen and them was crusin..fuckin calen is so sick he spit on my car and it kinda got on me too i dunno what it was..water or chew hes fuckin nasty..we was kickin it with Allen for a little while too but nothin really...we filled up our water gun again to squirt some people but he was scurred lol..we dropped him off and yeah went crusin..fuckin larissa was gettin on my nerves hella..when we was havin the water fight she was like tana is comin back to pick ME up i was like aiight then everytime we seen tana shes like "follow her" im like shyt if she watns us or you shell stop us damn..and then i followed her..tana told us to goto Alex's for a party but me and marshae didnt want to...larissa wanted to but shes fuckin retarded..i told her to ride with tana cuz i aint gonna take here everywhere cuz we wnated to jus ride round main street..so tana stopped us..larissa didnt go with her..then she said for me to drive by alex's to see if tana was there and she was but larissa didnt get out..she pisses me off...Nisha went to sacramento without tellin anyone..i wish she was kikin it with us tonite cuz shes hella fun...Marshae was bein tyte tho i think she like my new best friend..shes hella tyte to kick it with..shes hella nice to and shyt..i dunno she has her own tyteness...
Jay is still hidin out there was so many cops out tonite and we thought they was all lookin for Jay...poor him i feel so bad for him but u know he bring it on himself...he wouldnt of hit that man or done whatever he done...i guess when anisha went home they went over there sayin "i know you know laufette kimmons" but shes like naw...i dont know him lol its hella funny she so dumb...
I miss Darrel...i dunno but i keep thinkin bout him...he was so tyte i mean i dont know why we didnt even really do nothin much but we was talkin for a long time bout everything hes tyte..i dont really talk to guys bout everything HERE but he was cool...man...i aint even wrote what happen...i cant wait til he comes back...i wanna kick it with him forrealz...so much shyt man..i dont even know what to do..thas all for now peace out EI

current mood: lonely

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Saturday, August 10th, 2002
12:40 am - shyt....
SO much...Went to Vegas..had fun...went to reno..kicked it with monica..came home..now im havin fun..i dunno sometimes im havin MAD fun but then i get sad or mad or somethin... its wierd...tonite was fun...Marshae, me and nisha was chillin larissa was with us for a while then she went with tana, we picked up allen..hes so funny haha he dumb tho..Marshae is tyte...shes mad cool...nisha was bein hella tyte today too...Larissa was aiight...she makes me mad sometime but other than that shes hella tyte thas my dawg i care bout her so much...i mean not gay or nothin like dat she dont even know..i love that girl shes like my best friend..i dunno why or how i mean i get pissed off when shes here sometimes but when she not here its sad i start stressin and get mad and shyt its wierd...i dunno how to explain it...

I miss Darell....i know i wasnt with him for long or even with him at all but i dunno..i hear his name and i get all sad..i wish we coulda kicked it for longer...The cops are after Jay..cuz he hurt some man and he had to goto the hospital and shyt..poor him..Brad's grandpa died and hes all sad..so much shyt...i feel so bad for people...Then im trippin bout myself...dont know what to do with myself...i think i get jealous of things to much...like larissa..she has so much going for her..i wish i was her somtimes..shes so pretty..skinny...everyone likes her...she aint eva worried bout nothing...i dunno...i needa change my ways...i think when i have fun it just gets my mind off thigns ..like when iw as kickin it with marshae it was cool shes tyte..i dunno i needa shut up..im out EI

current mood: confused

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Wednesday, July 24th, 2002
1:28 pm - BECAUSE I GOT HIGH!!
Man so much is happening..its been fun here..crazy as hell cuz its never fun...man Larissa has been here and weve been gettin high alot..its fun/crazy the last time...well like 2 highs ago, i was TRIPPIN like a muthafucka i was ilke callin her dog and jus sayin a bunch of crazy things i kept sayin it was like a dream...damn i dunno hah...theres so much i dont even wanna type it all..last night was fun when we got high...we've been kickin it with Tana too shes hella funny...cool too...nisha got high with us yesterday..i was gettin mad cuz we went in 2 cars and it wasnt that much fun...it was at first and then yeah...but i dunno...i wanna find Jay and kick it with him..i think he was pullin me over last night nisha was with me and she didnt want me to stop for him...i dont think she wants me kickin it with anyof them..shes kinda gettin on my nerves but its all good cuz i dont always kick it with her anyway...but yeah...i have to go back to reno on thursday and then from aug2-7th..its gonna be hell but i think we gonna goto vegas...it would be funner if i got to kick it with jon cuz hes tyte..but i prolly aint gonna cuz i gotta go with Tahseen and her man...so yeah..but ima try to...he kicked Joes ass..and they aint friends but he friends with Patrick haha...im tyte with patrick too hes my dawg lol...but yeah anyway....i think thas all for now...ima go get my hair highlighted its gonna be cool..(hopefullY) peace for now!! EI

current mood: high

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Monday, July 15th, 2002
11:13 pm - FINALLY
YAY im finally happy...i have had so much shit go on..i was in sacramento for a week..it was ok...kinda boring..cuz i had to chill with larissa in her house the whole time but yeah..we came back..i got with Jacoby..hes ok...then i was gonna get with him again and nothin happened..i was sad..we went to the dance...freakin fun ..lol well first we got high as FUCK..me derek, tommy, larissa and the second time we had zak with us cuz he only made us pay 5 dolla and smoked us out it was soo much fun...the dance was cool too cept for thse nasty lezbos..then larissa left the next day...that day was toatally hell (yeterday)...and today was boring until just like the past hour..i kicked it with JJ...omg FINALLY!!! hehehe..hes sooooooooo good..i didnt have sex with him..he asked me i said no...he said ok...i thought he would keep askin but he didnt..he asked a few times but not pressuring or nothing but DAMN!!!! omg im like dreaming lol..hes such a good kisser..everything about him is good...ahhh...hehe...he wanted me to go over there but i didnt cuz sharmaine was over there and i dont really know/like her that much...so yeah...we was jus fuckin round in the back of my car...damn i sound like a hoe...well i aint lol..yall know how much i wanted him...and i finally got him..hehehehe...ok..im done...hehe...peace oh yeah..larissa moved back...YAY!!!! its fun with her...k im out again peace! EI

p.s. i REALLY hope he dont screw me over or nothin....=(..now im sad again..lol jp...ima enjoy it..for now lol...fuck i dont know what im talkin bout bye

current mood: SOOO HAPPY!!!!

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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2002
2:36 pm - yeah im bored lol
i may seem: mean
but i'm really: nice ;)
people who really know me think i'm: crazy
if you knew me you'd probably: laugh at me lol
sometimes i feel: like hittin someone
my days are pretty: long and boring
in the morning: morning? i dont wake up in the morning
i like to sleep: right now lol
if i could be doing anything right now i would be: partying
money is: fun
one thing i wish i had is: a good man
one thing i have that i wish i didn't have is: layzieness
all you need is: a life
all i need is: uh i dunno...
if i had one wish it would be: to have jerry here wit me
if i could see one person right now it would be: DMX...reality...Larisa or Jerry
i live for: the fun
i dare you all to: jump off a bridge
i am afraid of: the dark lol
it makes me angry when: People do annoying things
i dream about: remebering my dream..i sleep too deep
i daydream about: uh..candy? lol jp
number of boys i've kissed: shyt u want me to count? lol jp..prolly like uh 10ish
number of boys i've made out with: ooh..this one is prolly 10 ish..
number of girls i've kissed: NONE (unless on da cheek) like 3
number of girls i've made out with: NONE!!!
number of drugs taken illegally: 2 i think
number of friends i would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends: 2
number of cds i own: like 200 i think
number of piercings: all together...uh 7 and then my nose soon
number of tattoos: none
number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: alot
number of scars on my body: shyt i dunno
number of things in my past i regret: like 2
last movie you saw on the big screen: About a boy (gay movie) lol patrick
last phone number you called: larissa
last show you watched on tv: 106 and park
last song you heard: im listenin to it now...UGK-sexin (feat lots of people)
last thing you had to drink: water
last thing you ate: chocolate
last time you showered: this morning
last time you cried: hmm its been few weeks
last time you smiled: few seconds ago lol
last time you laughed: little while ago
last person you hugged: Jay
last person you kissed: damn i dunno
last person you had sex with: uh yeah..lol
last thing you said: wazzzzzzaaa
last person you talked to online: Patrick
last person you talked to on the phone: Larissa
last thing u smelled: sick...uh...

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2:16 pm - new me =]
Yeah, so uhh im bored..real bored..aint shyt to do..got my nails done today...i had to put 1 fake one on cuz one of em broke...gay..i hate fake nails...anyway Larissa is comin down again for 4th of july..today is my sisters birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY lol..she aint gonna read this anyway...ima get my hair cut monday? i think yeah..and ima have larissa's sister die well..streak it brown..its gonna look tyte (i hope) yeah and im also getting my nose pierced lol..i was all tellin patrick all fast hes like STOP hahahah..it was funny hes hella funny...he goin back to vegas friday..and so i wont see him...and eyah i think he movin (to an apartment) cindy bein a bitach talkin bout she needs someone to fill his spot and she already told me she knows who she wants to move in with her..whatever...she talk lots of shyt...but yeah i aint gonna say nothin...anyway i think thas it...aiight..EI

current mood: mellow

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Friday, June 28th, 2002
11:52 pm - So much SHYT
yeah, so much shit be happin...i dont know where to start i kinda dont even feel like writin bout it...umm...man..Jon came down..it was cool i missed him lots but i dunno i dont think im feelin him as much as i was before...but hes like a good friend i guess..we went out to eat and then the movies me and patrick and jon, and cindy and everyone got all mad cuz we didnt invite them and shyt..oh well tho shyt..if u wanna come ask, anyway me and patrick been talkin hes soo cool hehe...umm joe fuckin wit my head again the other day i was talkin to him, and he ws like hey i wanted to ask somethin so i say what and he said "did u feel anything when i told u i had a gf?" and i said uhh yeah i guess i got sad..i mean i aint tryna tell him im still feelin him cuz then all the shit with cindy and my sister..but yeah i kinda do like him..he gots a girl tho been wit her for like 7 months i aint tryna fuck wit him..maybe when i move to reno..hehe..i dunno ...Rakeem was in town for like this whole month..lookin for me while i was hidin hahahha...i kinda wanted to see him but i didnt get a chance to..it woulda been wierd he tryna get at me and i dont even lik ehim no more..thas his bad..yeah my bday was june 23..patrick gave me 50 dolla to blockbuster..thas tyte..cindy and eunice gave me 50 to bestbuy..and namit gave me a dvd...sister got me dvd..other sister gave me a polo bag..its cute..and other sister got me money..50 dolla..i got 25 dolla from my aunt..and my parents gave me 150..so its all good heheh...got alot of money..anyway i dunno what else to say so ima be out..PEACE

current mood: blah

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Wednesday, June 19th, 2002
1:22 am - happy birthday too me (not yet)
sup i havent writtin in here forever ever but ima go home and hopefully ima write somemore...lots of shyt has been goin on....jon came to reno we got to kick it...met up w/ larissa again...had a party...so much anyway i jus wnated to say my bday is comin up hehehe june 23..yay for me...so holla everyone aiight..peace much luv

current mood: sleepy

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1:20 am - yeah right.....

My LiveJournal is super annoying!

*slap forhead* Oh my fucking god. You never even post in your live journal,
you just post page after page of random meaningless quizes. It's fucking
annoying and because of this, no one wants to add you as a friend and avoids
your journal because it takes too long to load. Start writing more meaningful
things, because DAMN! Somebody like you shouldn't even have a journal!

I took the LJ rating test by Atomic Blue and Cracker Face!

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Wednesday, May 29th, 2002
1:40 pm - im at school
im at school im talkin to aby, and i was talkin to my sisters and josh..josh is back w/ amanda...wat a fag..anyway...jerry is back i forgot to say...kbye lol

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Tuesday, May 28th, 2002
3:47 pm - So much
Ok, im gonna talk bout LAST weekend because ive been to lazy to write in here..not the weekend that we just had but the weekend b4...it was armed forces day...it was pretty tyte...so first of all..on Saturday..Larissa called me in the morning and told me she was gonna come into town for the parade..so i met up w/ delpha on main street..watched the parade w/ her family and then caught up w/ Larissa so we all went to the park and saw all them guys, brian, toby, stephan, andy, nathan, grant,bud, and all them lol...cant think of anyone else..and then somehow the party was at my house..so they came...we got high....calen brad and them ended up comin, elena came...larissa had to go cuz her mom saw her w/ calen buying alcohol..so calen brought it here..we got hella drunk plus i was high..lol it was crazy...then sean stayed w/ me and elena til i forgot how long and we was fuckin w/ him an shyt lol it wa crazy....so yeah..but i had hella fun....we had to get rid of all the bottles..and like the other day i found one under my bed lol it was soo crazy...elena had like 10..and she kept pullig them out under the bed cuz pepople kept steelin them..lol but yeah..thas enough...im out peace

current mood: happy

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